Trusted government and corporate
provider of strategic security and logistics
services within Australia, Oceania and
Middle East.


C5 is a 100% owned
indigenous company

The C5 Executive Team are highly experienced Australian and International Security, Technology and Business professionals, with extensive experience in government and corporate strategic security advisory services. The team have held senior positions with Australian federal security agencies in areas such as counter terrorism, emergency planning, intelligence, risk and critical infrastructure protection.

The team are supported by a highly experienced team in business support services, procurement and research and development. The C5 Team have provided large scale project solutions throughout Oceania, South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe for government and corporate agencies.



On Ground Support Services


Humanitarian and Landowner Engagement



C5 started its work originally in Australia and has continued to provide services within Australia. The services serve a variety of different organisations, with varied needs.

Papua New Guinea

C5 has been conducting business in PNG since 2014, and as the business has seen growth, PNG has become a second HUB. C5 has handled projects both large and small in PNG now specialising in remote location services. C5 continues to look for new opportunities.

Social Responsibility


C5 is a proud Australian indigenous company that supports efforts within Australia that help the disadvantaged. C5 continues to engage in projects that support a brighter tomorrow and aid growth of the nation.

Papua New Guinea

Because C5 does a large amount of business within Papua New Guinea it feels that participating in causes that benefit communities in PNG is essential for sustainable community based solutions.


C5 works together with key partners to provide its clientele with a service that is of the highest quality. These partners utilise their own expertise and resources to help aid C5 in its business endeavours, C5 actively participates in this relationship helping its partners where possible.

Integrated Management Systems.

C5 is committed to applying the ISO accredited standard of quality procedures and practices to all business activities. C5 completed certification of ISO9001:2015 through Obsequentia who is certified through JAS-ANZ.

C5 is committed to applying the ISO accredited standard of environmental procedures and practices to all business activities. C5 completed certification of ISO140001:2015 through Obsequentia who is certified through JAS-ANZ.

ASIAL has partnered with integrum Management Systems to configure a robust Workplace Health and Safety, allowing frontline staff to capture data and trigger workflows with a clear audit trail.

The integrum system has been designed to meet the requirements of Australian standard AS4801 and safety standard ISO45001. It has been used by integrum clients to gain and maintain third-party certification once implemented within their business.