Social Responsibility


C5 is a proud Australian indigenous company that supports efforts within Australia that help the disadvantaged. C5 continues to engage in projects that support a brighter tomorrow and aid growth of the nation.

Papua New Guinea

Because C5 does a large amount of business within Papua New Guinea it feels that participating in causes that benefit communities in PNG is essential for sustainable community based solutions.

C5 proudly supports the following charities:

Smith family, Heart Foundation, Young Diggers and Police Citizens Youth Club. C5 feels a strong sense of ownership when it comes to supporting Australia’s next generation, this is why three of C5’s selected charities are specifically for Australian Youth. C5 will continue to support organizations within Australia, aiming to grow this list.

C5 supports the indigenous community of Brewarrina.

C5 supports the local women’s rugby league tag team as well as the cultural museum. The C5 owners’ indigenous family has its roots in Brewarrina, with current relatives still residing in the area, making it our relevant community to partner. As C5 continues to grow so will its financial support of Australia’s Aboriginal communities.

Being an indigenous business.

C5 actively seeks to place itself in a position to network with other indigenous businesses. C5 has obtained multiple government certifications that allow it access to a deep networking pool of indigenous businesses and people, in doing so it actively participates in the support of other indigenous businesses.

C5 seeks to not only practice social responsibility at home, but globally.

Its first step in this initiative is sponsoring children from all over the world through the Child Fund International program. This program allows disadvantaged children from all over the world to attend school, have clothes and to positively contribute to their communities later in life.

Papua New Guinea

C5 through its partner Controlled Outcomes has a joint venture with the landowner group Pehi KoKo of Manus Island. The joint venture is aimed at giving the landowner group access to both C5 and its partners capabilities as they navigate the business world. C5 has partnered with Pehi KoKo to aid where necessary, and ensure that the rightful owners of the land are treated fairly.

Port Moresby Brothers Rugby League are a community with both a men’s and a women’s rugby team. C5 through Controlled Outcomes supports this team in order to provide financial and logistic support to the community of players and their families. In supporting this team C5 hopes to see the loved sport of rugby league discover even more superstars in PNG.

C5 through Controlled Outcomes is proud to support Women in Business, a program on the PNG island of manus. This program helps women find opportunities in the community and develop themselves as leaders. C5 feels strongly in giving everyone the opportunity to unlock their full potential and that this is a fantastic community to support. C5 will continue to support and watch this program develop into a leader in its field.

Recently C5 Through Controlled Outcomes has partnered with MOBO in Port Moresby, MOBO provides medical services for the people of PNG. C5 aims to aid the further development of medical facilities in PNG, the partnership aims to increase PNG’s medical capabilities and efficiency. C5’s partnership will help MOBO’s medical clinics deliver service to more people, as well as help grow their capabilities.