1. Partners

C5 works together with key partners to provide its clientele with a service that is of the highest quality. These partners utilise their own expertise and resources to help aid C5 in its business endeavours, C5 actively participates in this relationship helping its partners where possible.

2. Controlled Outcomes

C5 partners with controlled outcomes in Papua New Guinea. Controlled outcomes provide security logistic and facilities management services in PNG. Since 2014 Controlled Outcomes has secured multi million dollar contracts with government
and corporations in the areas of mining, government services, training and logistics.
Controlled Outcomes is a capability partner to multi landowner groups in Papua New
Guinea. Through these landowner JV’s Controlled Outcomes provides landowners groups sustainable and innovative ways to engage with project companies

3. Prime Outcome.

Prime Outcome provides C5 with both legal and project management support. Prime Outcomes focus is in project management and since its incorporation in 2020 it has handled all of C5’s project’s, this has resulted in increased efficiency when dealing
in areas such as contracts, negotiations, business planning etc

4. Mobo Group

Mobo is a leading primary health care service provider, together with its complimentary
Pharmaceutical services providing basic primary health care to the rural populace and
the urban disadvantaged. Mobo holds the following accreditations: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018