The C5 Executive Team are highly experienced Australian and International Security, Technology and Business professionals, with extensive experience in government and corporate strategic security advisory services.  The Team have held senior positions with Australian federal security agencies in areas such as counter terrorism, emergency planning, intelligence, risk and critical infrastructure protection.  The Team are supported by a highly experienced team in business support services, procurement and research and development.  The C5 Team have provided strategic security advisory services throughout Oceania, South East Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe for government and corporate agencies.

Leah Clark



Extensive experience in corporate finance, procurement, deployment support services, and emergency project management. Developer of C5 programmes supporting increased Indigenous involvement in the specialist security sector.

Ty Clarke



Extensive experience in Commonwealth Law Enforcement, Emergency Management Planning and Response. Experience in emergency planning, management, training and operations within Oceania, South East Asia, Western Europe, USA, West Africa, Central and South Africa. The founder of the global C5 emergency response network.

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