Leaders in Managing Security Risk

Leaders in Managing Security Risk

The security threats faced by government agencies and corporations within Australasia, Oceania and South East Asia are transboundary and becoming increasingly complex and costly to protect business and the community.  Managing the day to day threat environment for corporations, government operations and projects requires experience and a strategic approach to security.

C5 is a leading Australian, regional provider of strategic security risk, emergency management and technology based solutions.  Our Vision is to be the company of choice for government and corporations in the areas of security and emergency risk consulting, defence and commercial high end security and emergency technology solutions, and crisis management and response specialist training.  C5 are specialists in providing services within the following sectors:

  • Government (Defence and Public Safety) capability
  • Emergency Consulting and Advisory Projects
  • Oil and Gas
  • Air Transport
  • Border Protection and Customs
  • Public safety and Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Major Events
  • Automated Security Solutions
  • Large Scale Project Technology Solutions

C5 has provided these specialist services within Australia, Oceania, South East Asia, Middle East, South Africa, Europe, USA, India, Pakistan and Hong Kong, as such, we are a proven and trusted advisor to governments and corporations.  

We view the quality of our products, services and the safety and security of our personnel and clients primary to our mission. Therefore we use ASIAL Safe Workplace Management systems to manage safety in our workplace and ISO 9001:2015 to ensure our quality management system remains current and client focussed.

We are a proud certified company within Supply Nation and are committed to the expansion of indigenous involvement, capability and recognition within the specialist security advisory, training and technology procurement fields. C5 is continually looking for opportunities to partner with government and private organisations to increase employment opportunities for indigenous security risk specialists.

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