C5 Technology and Innovation

C5 Technology and Innovation

C5TI are the project managers for government and corporate security procurement projects. C5TI have combined local expertise with international partners in the defence, cyber and security support industries.  These partnerships allow the C5TI Team to offer the highest technology solutions from multi-billion dollar government capability and sustainability projects in naval technology, aerial surveillance and cyber protection through to company automated security systems.

Our tender strategies are always value for money and are based on the best practices outlined in the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.


Core Offerings

  • Government:
    • Defence and Security Agency
    • UAV Procurement and Project Management Services
    • Cyber Security Infrastructure Procurement and Management Services
    • Large Scale Land, Sea, Air based Technologies
    • Large Scale Security Infrastructure Procurement
    • Government Agency Cyber Security related procurement and Project Management Services
    • Disaster Response and Recovery Technologies
    • Police, Fire Service, Customs Aerial Surveillance Solutions
  • Corporation:
    • Large Scale Security Infrastructure Technology Solutions
    • Automated security solutions
    • Critical Infrastructure Aerial Surveillance Solutions

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